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Welcome to Powerseif!

A transmission company focused on couplings , brakes and gears.

With over 90 years of gathered experience in the transmission industry, We’ve established a large network of unique contacts within design and production companies worldwide. Myself, Manne Seifter, have been the President of the Swedish organization Transmissionsgruppen (The Power Transmission Group, TGS) for more than 30 years, and for the past four years I have also served as Chairman of the association Svenska Automationsgruppen (Swedish Automation Group, SAG).
Contact Manne: manne@powerseif.com
Paul Hedlund with over 30 years of experience of selling transmission components such as couplings, brakes encoders and actuators.
Contact Paul: paul@powerseif.com
Leif Höglund,  have for 30 years been working in the transmission industry; gears for industrial applications, clutches, shaft couplings, motors, controls and have also have had a couple of duties of trust in the bransch organization TGS.
Contact Leif: leif@powerseif.com

Powerseif offers a large range of products in the categories of couplings and brakes but can also deliver specific and customized gearboxes. Below is a selection of our products and brands:

  • Wichita, brakes and couplings.
  • Warner electromagnetic clutches and brakes.
  • Twiflex, brakes and Layrub couplings.
  • HUCO miniature couplings.
  • RATHI’s complete range of jaw couplings, pin couplings, nylon sleeve couplings, gear couplings, steel disc couplings, steel spring/grid couplings and fixed rigid couplings.
  • TB Woods tyre coupling Dura-Flex and torsional elastic coupling Sure-Flex.
  • Bibby’s standard and special gear couplings and torque limiting couplings.
  • Turboflex steel disc couplings for high performance.
  • Bauer Geared motors
  • Greenshpon customized and standard gear boxes
  • Guardian flywheel couplings
  • Stieber freewheels and backstops

The complete product range will be marketed and sold under the business name Powerseif which is part of Esco AB (E. Seifter Co AB). In addition to the above mentioned brands, We will still have the ability to deliver customer-specific solutions of other manufacturers and brands.

Our goal has always been and always will be to put you – the customer – in focus and always prioritize the requests you have about a product , brand or trademark.

Please read more in the other menus on this website or contact us for a unprejudiced talk about how we best can achieve a fruitful cooperation.
There is always a room for improvement. Give us the specification you have today and we will make you an offer on a strong alternative.

Our brands

TB Woods
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