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Manne Seifter

Founder, Owner and Managing Director.

Manne was born in Stockholm, Sweden in April, 1955. After finishing his high school studies, he started his career in 1974 at Mekanomatik AB where he began as a mechanical worker and technical draftsman within the field of mobile spare power.

After having spent a lot of time indoors, Manne wanted to stretch his legs and became a Salesman for products by Esco Transmissions (Esco), a Belgium based company focusing on shaft couplings. 10 successful months later, Manne was asked by the headquarters in Belgium to start his own business and become the official representative of Esco in Sweden. This was in 1980 and six years later Esco bought Mannes’ company and made him Managing Director for Esco Sweden AB.

Manne worked with Esco until 1993 when he was headhunted by Flexibox (today John Crane) to introduce a new gear  coupling to the market. In 1995, Mannes second startup – Scandicom – was born. He got contacted by Bibby Transmissions Ltd (Bibby) in the United Kingdom and was asked to represent them in Scandinavia.

In late 2001, Bibby bought Scandicom and made Manne Managing Director of Scandicom/Bibby Scandinavia. However, Bibby got sold in 2006 to the American company Altra Industrial Motion (Altra). At that time, Lönne Scandinavia A/S (Lönne) a Norwegian comapny got interested in Scandicom due to its knowledge and experience for shaft couplings, gears and brakes. Scandicom was sold to Lönne and Manne got employed as Key Account and Product Manager for couplings & brakes, including cardan shafts and torque limiters.

Manne worked at Lönne until the spring 2013, when he decided to go on his own once again. The company Powerseif was created and as of today, Manne runs his own company and deals primarily with couplings, gears and brakes for the Scandinavian market.

Since 29 years he is the Chairman and President of the Swedish Power Transmission Group (TGS), which have 64 power transmissions companies as members and from 2010, Manne has also been Chairman for The Swedish Automation Group (SAG), an organization of 125 automation companies for descrete manufacturing. Mannes’ long relationship with TGS and SAG alongside 34 years of experience in the industry has generated a wide network of key stakeholders, distributers, manufacturers and colleagues within the field of power transmission worldwide.

Manne lives in Stockholm with his wife Eva and has three sons and one grandchild. He enjoys his model trains collection (Märklin) and to spend time with his family. Especially during summer when they all gather at their house on the island of Fårö, Gotland.

Manne Seifter
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Manne Seifter - Powerseif
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